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Gibraltar - a brief introduction...

Gibraltar Taxi Association

Welcome to Gibraltar.

Situated near the southernmost tip of Spain overlooking the Straits of Gibraltar and only 24km (15miles) from Africa is the British overseas territory of Gibraltar. Gibraltar shares a land border with Spain situated at the north of the peninsula. Gibraltar has historically been an important base for the British Armed Forces and is a Royal Navy base.

Gibraltar’s name is derived from the Arabic name Jabal Tāriq (جبل طارق), meaning "mountain of Tariq", and the Berber Umayyad General Tariq ibn-Ziyad, who was under the orders of Caliph Al-Walid I who led the initial incursion into Iberia (Spain) in advance of the main Moorish force in 711. Before this, it was known as Mons Calpe, one of the Pillars of Hercules, Mount Sidi Musa being the other of two mythological Pillars of Hercules which signalled the end the world.

With a population of approximately 28,000 inhabitants of mainly British, Andalucian (Spanish), Genoese (Italian), Maltese, Portuguese decent Gibraltar boasts of a very stable economy and a very rich history including the world’s first archeological discovery of the Neanderthal scull in 1848 and the marriage of John Lennon and Yoko Ono in 1969. Gibraltar is seeped in military history and has been held by the Moorish, the Spanish and since 1704 the British.

Gibraltar is extemely friendly with one of the lowest crime rates in the world.

We hope that you enjoy your stay in Gibraltar and we look forward to being of service to you.



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