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Taxi advanced bookings may be made by phone, fax or via our e-mail address. Taxis may be pre-booked for airport pick-ups, airport transfers or for any other reason which requires that a taxi is waiting for you at a specific time stipulated by you, the client.

Taxis will wait for the client for a maximum of 10 minutes unless stipulated otherwise by the client.

All fares run by the meter with a surcharge of £5.00 per pre-booked car.

For Airport pick-ups there is a fixed charge of £25.00. This includes waiting time and transfer to ONE destination. When more than one destination is requested the meter fare for that extra section of travel will be charged.

Vehicles will carry a maximum of 8 passengers with a minimum amount of luggage per person. Please stipulate how many people will be travelling and your requirements for luggage space.   









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