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History of the G.T.A.




The first person to register a taxi in Gibraltar was Mr Augustin Saez back in 1924, starting what has now turned out to be a growing industry in Tourism and Transportation on the Rock.

In those early days, the Colonial Structure inhibited social changes; but with the advent of political participation of the Gibraltarian people and the coming of constitutional changes, the basis of Trade Union and Trade Associations came to the forefront.

Nevertheless the individuality of the taxi drivers themselves proved for many years to be the main obstacle to their own interests. This led to great difficulties, especially as they were vulnerable to enterprising competition from other sectors in the Tourist Trade.

The taxi drivers learnt the hard way and realised the great need for organisation if they were to continue to exist. The Gibraltar Taxi Association was born on the 20th November 1957, 33 years after the registration of the first taxi. The aim was to promote and protect the interests of all taxi drivers and offer a more cohesive service to the customer.

The Taxi Association's fleet is amongst one of the best in Europe, having established itself as an integral part of the local community.

With the advent of tourism, and the opening of the border with Spain, the Taxi Association has seen a booming market which it has had to cater for. Offering services to Tour Operators and Shipping Agents, plus its standard public transport service. The incorporation of a Rock Tour service has allowed for the visitors to Gibraltar to have individual service, supported by the expertise of the driver who acts as a tourist guide.

The taxi driver's role as driver and guide has meant that recently a great number of the taxi drivers have had to gain Guide licenses, offering the visitor the opportunity to be shown around by official guides, whose knowledge of Gibraltar and its history is unparalleled.



History of the GTA
History of the GTA
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