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There are a number of taxi stands situated around Gibraltar. The main taxi ranks are at Casemates Square and the Frontier. Other ranks include Cathedral Square, The Piazza and the Trafalgar Cemetery.

There is also a 24 hour radio taxi service available.
For radio taxis please call Gibraltar 20070027.


The latest additions to our fleet include 2 vehicles which are wheelchair friendly. Now it will be possible for clients who have not been able to venture out of cruise ships, or even cross the border because this service has been traditionally unavailable, to enjoy the tour experience on offer in Gibraltar . These vehicles will be used exclusively for clients who are wheelchair bound and who are unable to mobilise into one of our standard fleet vehicles.

Due to the limited number of vehicles available pre-booking is almost essential. Without pre-booking we cannot guarantee that a vehicle will be available when it is requested.

There is no extra charge for this service and normal charges apply.

For Rock Tours it will be imperative that you book in advance via e-mail especially if you are arriving on board a cruise ship as most of our fleet become saturated at these busy times.

Please note that the ramps fitted on these vehicles are designed for the standard 4 wheel wheelchair or motorised chairs but unfortunately they cannot be used with 3 wheel motorised chairs or scooters.











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